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Thursday, August 19, 2010

BACK TO SCHOOL FREE OF LICE Westchester NY and North of NYC

Scarsdale, N.Y, August 10th, 2010/ After a great summer and camp season parents and children are returning home to prepare for the new school year. In cases where children return from camp with lice and/or nit infestations, Head Lice Heroes™ (HLH) is able to help lessen the load for all those parents by offering their professional services at no charge to all. Parents in Westchester have the opportunity to receive a free lice screening before school starts, in order to prevent their children from being sent home from school or going through an emotional embarrassment in front of other children at school.

HLH will be performing free lice screenings from August 30th thru September 2nd from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The screenings are for all children in our community. This is a walk –in service only. HLH will not be taking appointments for this screening. HLH’s main office is located at 233 Main St. Suite 1638 Eastchester NY, and they can be reached at (888)966-5423 if you have any questions. HLH is available by appointment to treat and terminate any cases of lice or nits. Be on the lookout for special coupons through Google maps for the week of September 7th thru September 10th.

HLH goal and main focus is to educate and create awareness about lice. They use a 5x Doppler magnifier to view the lice and nits. These and other special tools used by HLH and provided by Lice Safe are used to give the client quality service and the best experience during lice screening and termination. 

Head Lice Heroes are licensed hair professionals that use a method and tool that exceeds the Center for Disease Control standards for eliminating head lice. The Lice Safe products are controlled by the EPA and are classified as “GRAS”. Voted # 1 by

For head lice advise and for more information on services and products contact Head Lice Heroes
 (888) 9NO-LICE or visit the website at Head Lice Heroes is located at 233 Main St, Suite 1638 Eastchester, NY 10709.

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