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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LICE could be Eating You UP!!

Yes we are the main course for these nasty anthropoids. Although its been hard for me to accept the facts that i am the main course its true. if if lice go undetected they spread. Spread to anyone that you come into contract with.

No they will not fly across the room. Contact as in close physical contact. The best engine for lice transfer is head to head or by using a third object rather that just the two heads. you know what works great at conductor or lice transportation device is sharing combs. That means if you have lice and are using a lice comb Do NOT Share that comb unless you wish to share the lice. if you need to use the cob on some else please sterilize cob first by boiling it for about 3 min. Everyone agrees that Heat Kills Lice and More Importantly kills the nits.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Head Lice Hero

Say good-by to lice and nit picking....Become A Hero.... if you are a licensed cosmetologist or a master barber and what to help make your community a more nit free zone, then just read on. If you are not licensed than you contact your beauty professional for more information on how you can help them make a difference in your community. Contact for more info or check back again…