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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back to school for child and louse

So you think you’r in the clear. Kids came back home from camp and no lice this year. Well, just remember that you are only half way there. Its just as important for parents to be vigilant in their efforts to control head lice. The first and best line of defense to prevent out breaks is to find the out break before it spreads. Once an out break is found the next call should be to your local hero. Parents need to remember that we a service company that comes to you and we are at the mercy of the current call we are on and the traffic in getting to the next call. If you as a parent need to have a firm schedule on timing of controlling out break please remember that there are certain thing we can not control as mentioned. So be payment and know that once we get to you have our 100% Guarantee.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

School Use Local Hero to Fight Lice

Head Lice Hero

has joined forces with your local YMCA to screen children for lice when they return to school this September. On Thursday, September 03, 2009, 2PM–5PM, at The Greenwich Family YMCA Childcare Center, 2 St. Roch's Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830, tel. (203) 869-3381 and Thursday, September 10, 2009, 2:PM–5:PM, at The White Plains Family YMCA Childcare Center, 250 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, N.Y. 10605-1398, tel. (914) 949-8030. Join us and have your children or yourself screened for these pests. Although head lice have not been known to transmit disease, the scratching can create open sores which can be come susceptible to infection. “We recommend every parent and child be aware of available screenings within your local community. While parents play a crucial role in keeping vigilance, we must not succumb to urban stigmas that prevent clear communication and mitigate the spread and chance of re-infection of the lice. We are committed to the neighborhoods, by helping, hands on,” said Michele Errico from HLH.
For more information about head lice detection and treatment options, contact Head Lice Hero on (888) 9NO-LICE/ (888) 966-5423 or visit HLH are state licensed hair experts, offering the only service that can terminate a lice outbreak in about 1 hour per person. We bring you the latest in products and methods that are safe to use on newborns and nursing mothers.
Pediculus Humanus Capitis, or head lice, as they are more commonly known, are tiny parasitic insects that feed on human blood and develop on the scalp. Having head lice is very common. In fact, 6–12 million people get head lice every year. No one is immune to head lice; anyone who is exposed to someone who already has the parasite is at greatest risk. Preschool and elementary school children, ages 3–11 years, and their families are typically most at risk. Girls get head lice more often than boys, and women more than men. Head lice can be transferred in clothing, such as hats, scarves, and coats, and personal items, like hairbrushes and towels.
For more information or follow-up interview, contact Joe Munoz at Head Lice Hero, 233 Main St, Suite 1638, Eastchester, N.Y. 10709, USA, (914) 337-3080 or visit

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How did I get head lice

Boy i didn't see that coming. Head lice at the movies, as it turns out there are others writing about this nasty epidemic. Some manufactures of head lice product's tout the use of these green environmentally safe products in our local theaters. I can say that i watch all my movies from home now.

Campers return with lice along with their memories

Date line Aug 14 2009 Scarsdale, NY campers return from camps in Canada and northeast with critters in their hair. these critters are head lice. Although they effect 6-12 million people a year they strike terror in countless family lives. We have even seen head lice be the cause of family feuds. In one case the grandparents did not agree with the mother/ daughter in law and refused to their grand\children for fear of contact these buggers. What you can you say to this person to help them get through this. Comments are welcomed and appreciated. updated pics 0n Aug 19 2009