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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Claus brings head lice this year!

Scarsdale, N.Y/December 9, 2009/. Santa Claus will not only bring gifts and surprises, but he will also bring head lice to anyone in both the good and naughty list this year. During these holidays, so many families will go away on vacation or visit relatives. Whether you are traveling through train or airplane, your biggest worries are to remember not to pack liquids in your carry-on luggage or not to forget anything at home. But did you ever stop to think, “Will I bring back home with me those pesky little bugs in my hair?”

Airplane seats and train seats are notorious for incubating head lice and they provide an ever replacing host for them to attach themselves on and continue the spread of lice. Head Lice can be passed on from contact with another person that has lice or seat, mattresses, pillows and covers that have been contaminated with the lice.

So, what do you do to prevent coming home with head lice? “There are 3 easy steps to prevent head lice this year” says Jose Alberto, Founder of Head Lice Heroes and lice expert. “First, get checked before going away. This way you know you are starting with lice free hair. Second, take with you a barrier and use a head lice defender while away, and last get check after coming back, you may not see them easily, but they might be there.” Incase you do bring back head lice with you. Keep your sanity and seek the help of a local Head Lice Hero. They are just a phone call away, and they will help answer any questions regarding lice.

“While most over the counter products suggest that head lice can be treated by anyone with or without training, the truth is that to insure the infestation is eliminated, I suggest that you contact a licensed professional, like the ones at Head Lice Heroes. You can rest assure that all of the lice, nymph and nits will be terminated.” says Sarah from Bronxville, N.Y.
Head Lice Heroes are licensed professional that use a method and tool that exceeds the Center for Disease Control standards for eliminating head lice. The Lice Safe products are controlled by the EPA and are classified as “GRAS”. Voted # 1 by
For head lice advise and for more information on services and products contact Head Lice Heroes (888) 9NO-LICE or visit the website at Head Lice Heroes is located at 233 Main St, Eastchester, NY.

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